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Sedation Methods & Options

In addition to local anasthetic that is administered almost painlessly via the patient's gums, we also offer Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as "laughing gas."

We can adjust the dosage of the nitrous oxide gas to fit your needs. This sedation method has a calming effect that helps diffuse your anxiety. You can also control its effects by controlling your breathing. The more deeply you breathe through your nose, the more you'll feel its effects. There are no long-lasting effects and you can drive home safely after your visit. Note that we cannot use nitrous oxide if you are pregnant, have an ear infection or suffer from asthma.

Nitrous Oxide is also safe for young patients who are afraid or nervous over their dental treatment. The gas has a minor sweet smell. It is quickly absorbed through the lungs and it quickly leaves the system after the procedure. It changes the awareness of your child and decreases motor function.   

In other words your child relaxes but it is still awake and can interact with their surroundings. The procedure can be reversed at any moment which makes it safe. Your child's experience is a pleasant one with some memories of the appointment but no details.

We also offer IV Sedation and have an on-site anesthesiologist to ensure your comfort and safety.

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